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Thursday’s Child
Lindenburg Open 60

Record Setting History
After losing Nai'a, I purchased the famous old 60’ monohull racer Thursday’s Child to continue my quest for the Transpacific record. She was a big, strong, fast boat, though of old technology and no-longer competitive with the new Open 60s, but was definitely fast enough to get the record, and had the added benefit of her record setting history, which would be a great publicity vehicle for the whales and dolphins!

Thursday’s Child was designed for skipper Warren Luhrs by Paul Lindenburg as the first Open 60’ ultralight singlehanded ocean racer. She was built by Bergstrom and Ridder in 1983. She was the most innovative and fastest ocean racer of her kind, built of fiberglass/carbon composites with water ballast and a canting rudder. She set the following records:

Observer Single-handed Transatlantic Race (OSTAR) from Plymouth, England to Newport, Rhode Island. Warren Luhrs set new monohull record of 16 days 22 hours.

First boat to break Flying Cloud’s clipper-ship record set in 1954 around Cape Horn from New York to San Francisco of 89 days (in 1854) in 80 days 18 hours.

Thursday’s Child’s last race was the 1994-95 BOC Single-handed Around The World Race, sailed and completed by skipper Arnet Taylor. She was in a yard in St. Augustine, Florida until March 1998.

Purchase Of Thursday’s Child For Transpacific Record

I purchased Thursday’s Child in St Augustine, Florida, and we sailed her back through the Panama Canal to San Diego, where we did a complete one year re-fit, which included: installed Yanmar engine, installed new mainsheet track, complete re-wiring and new electronics and autopilots installed, a new paint job done, with whale graphics by native British Columbian artist William Wasden. Later, a new rudder was built, a bow sprit added to carry roller furling genneker, solar panels and wind generator installed, and all new sails purchased, ballast added to keel bulb, and additional water ballast tanks added.

Second Transpacific Record Attempt—Spring 2000
By the spring of 2000, Thursday’s Child was ready for my second record run to Japan. This attempt ended in Honolulu with a broken rudder, occurring on the first night out in a collision with whales along the California coast. I had the rudder repaired in Honolulu and returned to San Francisco to prepare for another go at the record. More details are online.

Third Transpacific Record Attempt - Spring 2001
On April 29, 2001 I sailed out under the Golden Gate Bridge with Thursday’s Child on my third attempt at the Trans-Pacific record. The first week was fast and we were ahead of record time, but a miscalculation by my weather routers put us in a wind hole in the Pacific High for 1 _ days. But we caught back up, weathered a gale, and still had a chance at the record until we got caught in light winds and adverse currents approaching Tokyo Bay. On day 36, having missed the record, I decided to retire from racing, and motored into Misaki. More details are online.

Sale/Donation of Thursday’s Child
I readied Thursday’s Child for a fourth attempt at the record, but had surgery for torn knee cartilage, and postponed the sail. A recurrence of the cartilage tear and another surgery put off the sail another year. I continued to plan for the sail, but my father became seriously ill and died, so another year past. By now, I realized that Thursday’s Child was too demanding a boat for me to single-hand at a high level. I had turned 60 years old and still had knee and other joint pains—I needed a smaller, faster boat, easier to handle for the solo record run. I began searching for another racing trimaran for the job.

In December 2005, I made a sale/donation of Thursday’s Child to the Way to Happiness Foundation. Thursday’s Child would become a sail training boat for youngsters to learn sailing and life lessons at sea - a good use for the venerable old racer. See website: www.twthsailing.org

Thursday’s Child off Cape Town, South Africa, at the start of the second leg of the 1994-95 BOC - Single-handed Round the World Race.

Artist William Wasden with his orca design on bow of Thursday’s Child

A young sea lion climbed on board Thursday’s Child for a ride off San Diego

Thursday’s Child after re-fit, heading out towards the Golden Gate Bridge.

Thursday’s Child at the start of second record attempt

Michael with broken rudder in Honolulu

Thursday’s Child off the Golden Gate Bridge after start of third record attempt

Thursday’s Child—spinnaker up in light airs near the Pacific High.

|Michael on board Thursday’s Child in Misaki, Japan

Thursday’s Child in Yokohama with visitors from the local yacht club

Michael on the bow of Thursday’s child after sailing out under the Golden Gate Bridge—2003.


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